Thursday, 19 November 2009


What a day it was! We were blessed with the weather last Sunday! Sunshine was pouring down and we were closing our eyes occasionally and turning towards it to get as much of it as we can. A perfect day for a family outing and photos. We've spent three hours running around, riding bicycles and scooters, blowing lucky bubbles, throwing stones in a lake and a lot, a lot more! Kids were full of energy and I had to keep up. Everyone in the family was charged with loadz of positive emotions! Little Julie even wrote about it in her school assignment! She showed it to me the next day when I brought the photos, and it gave me a warm happy feeling. I was more than happy to know that my photography brought the family together, that they enjoyed their time with each other and that they will have warm memories about their experience! So, if you are planning any outdoor activities with your family and want to make a record of a particular moment in your lives, contact me through the form on this site. Together we'll make it fun!
"Your extraordinary moments captured" 


Saturday, 24 October 2009


Conor is a bubbly 11 months old baby with big blue eyes and a curl L'oreal wished it had on TV. I'm not gonna write much about him. His eyes will "say" everything. He will break loadz of girls' hearts! )))

As Christmas is not far away, we took some theme photographs

Don't disturb me, I'm thinking... shhhhh...

Monday, 19 October 2009


Last Sunday we were on a sort of getaway in Bunratty castle & folk park. It was quite exciting to feel the atmosphere of medieval ages in the castle and walk around the recreated 18th century village. So, if you are anywhere near Limerick city, want to enjoy the time out with your family and see Ireland the way it was over a century ago, this is the place to go.
The village features rural farmhouses and shops, streets, mills, a school, a pub and a lot more. You can walk into every house and even sit down on a chair near the open fire. A lot of them felt like home. You walk in, breath in and feel the smell of your grandparent's place. And it brings the smile to your face. That's how good it feels over there.
In the Golden Vale Farmhouse you can try some fresh baked (the old way, on a stand with coals underneath it) soda bread with melted butter (emmmmm....) and even some apple pie if you are lucky! Kids won't be bored either. They can pet a pony or chase little chickens! )))


Wednesday, 14 October 2009


He is a poser and a cheeky-monkey. I think he was getting ready for the photoshoot all morning, because I got a phone call from his dad at 11:30 (the shoot was scheduled for 12:30), he said that Oran is ready and waiting. I didn't want to make his little majesty wait for me, so I rushed to the place. We spent an hour hitting tennis balls of the walls (my head was hit by one of them and it obviously made Oran laugh), climbing trees, hanging on the handrails and running around the playground. After an hour of  such "very intense" work, we treated ourselves to some ice-cream. Then Oran asked me if I liked his shirt that he was wearing for the shoot, which I did. Then I found out that it was meant (and still is) to be his communion shirt. His communion is in April next year and the shirt was brought from the USA. Well, my heart nearly dropped when I imagined what could have happened to it when we were climbing trees, hanging on the handrails and running around the playground. But his mom didn't mind, because he loves the shirt, he felt comfortable in it, it makes him happy and that's the main thing, init? ;-)))
All the images made a beautiful coffee-tabel book. Check it out!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009


She is soooo full of life! I wish I was like that now, honestly. Even though she is 11 months old and I am 23 (and a half) years old... She is very curious and is getting to know this world more and more each day. She is making little steps into more independent life - she is learning how to walk and talk...simultaneously! You can see that she wants it so much. So, very soon she will become a double-trouble! But looking at her contagious smile and big blue eyes makes me think that she is the most beautiful little baby in the world! Meet Ciara...


Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Check out the slideshow from Kate and Konstantin wedding that I was lucky to photograph. Enjoy!

Monday, 28 September 2009


Today I'll be posting like mad, as if my life depends on it. The reason is - I have a lot to share with you, so "you better catch up"! ;-)
Not that long ago my best friends got married and I was very, I mean VERY exited to capture the LOVE they have for each other on their wedding day. I've known Valerie since we were 6 and I've known her husband for 6 years. She is like my sister. You know, she is that type of friend, who'll stay your true friend all your life, and we might not see each other for half a year, because we live in different countries now, but I know that she is always there for me whenever I need her. These guys are amazing couple and I absolutely love them and miss them.
Check out some of the images and the slideshow from their big day! The sun couldn't shine brighter for them! )))

Little details are important as they make your wedding so special for you. The bride made a decoration for the glass below and was very proud of it!

Young bride and groom to be on the front )))

Gorgeous hair, gorgeous dress, gorgeous bride...


And... the slideshow! "One LOVE"

Saturday, 26 September 2009


So, what is the portrait experience with Exhibit Emotions? First and foremost it is precious time out with your loved ones. For our photoshoot you should choose an activity that represents you as a family, or your child, or you as a couple. It should be something you LOVE doing and tells who you are! All I want is for you to feel comfortable, and there is no better way of achieving it then by doing something you enjoy. Do you love football? Do you want to play with your kids at the backyard of your home? Do you enjoy shopping with your daughter? Is your baby having his/her first birthday party? Do you have any special games you play with your family? Also, if you have a special place where you enjoy spending your time, make sure you let me know! 
I will meet your family couple of days before the photoshoot for a chat, so you can get to know me better and I get to know you. We will exchange ideas about your family photography experience and come up with the best option for you. Then we set the date and time. It's going to be your family time, as well as mine, so let's make it fun and enjoy it! I will be very grateful for sharing it with me.
The photosession lasts approximately 1 hour (+/-) and comes with a beautiful coffee-table book (see example below) of all the images (40-100) and a lagre print. Additional prints in variety of sizes are available. We can discuss what traditional or contemporary framing ( options will suit you and compliment your home design.
So, contact me and tell me about yourself and what kind of experience you are interested in! I will reply to you within 24 hours.
Coffee-table book: 

Example of a frame:
Pocket accordion album: