Thursday, 29 September 2011


It's been crazy busy at Exhibit Emotions quarters over the last few weeks. I've photographed some beautiful weddings, which I've already shared on my blog, and there are still more to come! I'm off to beautiful Bordeaux soon to shoot a wedding of these guys. Really looking forward to it! Then I have an intimate London wedding with friends and family of bride and groom coming from all over the world! After that I will be flying home to see my family and friends, whom I haven't seen for the whole year - I miss them so much! So, no rest for the wicked! I'm really excited about all the trips and weddings though - I love being a busy bee)) If you are in UK, I hope you are enjoying this Indian Summer we are having! Sunshine and some warmth in the air make so much difference, don't they? If I'm outside I'm trying to face the sun, and I'm smiling, and I noticed people who pass by smile back at me, which makes me smile even more, hehe)) I must be looking like a right lunatic from the side, but I don't care. Let's make a world a better place and smile at each other - it will make us all just a little bit happier ;-) And because every post is better with a photo, here is a preview from a recent wedding:

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The weather on the day that we chose for Jasmine and Adrian's pre-wedding shoot was threatening us with thunderstorms and downpours. Thankfully, it decided to be kind to us, and even the sun came out for a bit. Jasmine and Adrian are very kind, caring people. I love their relaxed casual style, and I think their wedding will reflect that. They are getting married in Bordeaux, France, in a beautiful chateau this Saturday, and I'm really looking forward to photographing their big day! For the pre-wedding photos we headed to Greenwich. Even though we didn't need an umbrella, we used it anyway - made for a cute prop))

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Very excited to share the second part of Nicola and Jon's wedding in Butley Priory, Suffolk. In case you missed the first part, you can see it HERE. Nicola and Jon's big day was what weddings are all about - love, family, friends, and having fun. You could definitely see their personalities shining through in everything they did! 
This part starts with couple's portraits. Heavy rain was forecasted for the day, but thankfully it stayed dry for photos and only started raining when everyone was in the marquee. Then the sun started shining after the meal and speeches, so it was a perfect day! Everyone's speeches were too funny and had guests and myself in stitches! I don't remember when I laughed so much for so long! 80-s disco band was playing in the evening, and I think I caught myself half dancing and taking photos at the same time. The atmosphere on the dance floor was electric! Even Nicola's Grandma joined the dance floor to show everyone how it's done! 

Clearly a few stories were told about Jon, that he ended up with his head on the table for a couple of times :-)

For Part I of Nicola and Jon's wedding click HERE.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I'm going to blog this beautiful wedding in 2 parts, which I haven't done before. There are just so many lovely images I want to share! After meeting Nicola and Jon and doing their pre-wedding photoshoot, I was looking forward to their wedding. They were so much fun to be around, and I knew their wedding day would be special. They are both bubbly, kind, caring and so much in love. Their wedding was a true reflection of them, and it was also about celebrating their marriage with family and friends. Nicola and Jon made everyone feel so welcomed, and they thought about so many details for their guests to have a great day and enjoy the party. Sweet table (or Jon's Tuck Shop), photobooth, bbq, pizzas made in wood burning oven, homemade jam as favours, football/soccer table set up in the marquee, groucho masks for fun, 80's disco band - to name just a few things! They chose beautiful Butley Priory in Suffolk as a venue for their wedding. What a stunning place! It has so much character and light - a dream to photograph!
The preparations began early in the morning. Nicola was getting ready together with her bridesmaids, her mum and her Grandma - it was very special.

Three generations, all looking gorgeous:

Meanwhile Jon with his Best Man were getting ready for the ceremony:

Jon promised to make Nicola laugh every day, starting from there and then :-)

Pretty details and wedding decorations: 

Nicola and Jon, I just want to say it was such a pleasure to be a part of your day! Thank you for choosing me to photograph your big day - it was very, very special! You guys are so good together! Wishing you all the happiness in the world for the years to come! 
This is it for Part1! Visit my blog tomorrow for Part2 - couple's portraits, speeches, party and all things fun!