Thursday, 29 April 2010


Last sunday when the whole London was seized with "marathonomania" I went on a tour around Wilton's Music Hall. I've heard about it before but never actually been there, so what a better chance to go then on a day of London marathon when the streets are packed and everyone is somewhat sporty! On my way to Wilton's I crossed the Tower Bridge and got into the whole spirit of running for a good cause, support and cheering and decided to run it myself next year! Yeap, my friends laughed as well... Anyway, back to Wilton's! It is the oldest surviving Grand Music Hall in the world. It belongs to the first generation of public house music halls that appeared in London during the 1850s and which, only fifty years later, had all but disappeared. Nowadays it's more general-purpose performance space and is used for both opera and theatrical productions and can be hired for photoshoots, filming, private events and weddings. You can read more about Wilton's and its unique history HERE and HERE. I must say what an amazing place! It's very quiet inside if there are no performances, but if you take a moment and listen, you can hear the music... then you hear applauds and public shouting bravo, cheers and the sound of champagne. It's an intriguing journey back in time to the Hall's glorious days! Go there and experience it yourself, it's well worth it! 
So, as I've already mentioned Wilton's can be hired as a wedding venue. If I had my wedding still coming, that's where I would want it to take place. Because it's primarily a theater, it has everything your gorgeous wedding needs: a stage, a piano, beatiful settings, amazing accoustic and outstanding lighting! You can use the lights very creatively to highlight the special touches to your wedding and decor. Have a look:
 by Mitzi de Margary

Great pillars for flower decorations:

Apart from reception you can have your ceremony there as well. Because your wedding must not interfere with artistic productions, make sure you book it well in advance!
Talk soon!

Monday, 26 April 2010


Last weekend was just amazing - so warm and summery! Hope you enjoyed it! It's a bit of a change today with dull sky and a chance of rain (do you think I should apply for a job at BBC weather?), so I just want to add a bit of colour! Enjoy!

Thursday, 22 April 2010


As some of you know, I'm exploring London and the UK at the moment (well, at this particular moment I'm typing this post, but I mean generally 'at the moment' as 'these days' ;-). So, two weeks ago, as part of this exploration "project" myself and my husband went to Hastings. The sun was splitting the stones and throughout our train journey all we were thinking of was how we were gonna lie on the beach, take our shoes off and roast ourselfs a little bit. But the wind said ha-ha and blew us away and our dream of warm-sunny-lazy-doingnothingness. We suspected that it was gonna be breezy at the seaside, but we didn't realize it would be cold, like goose pimples and brrrrr... So, we left the beach, tried to hide ourselfs behind the buildings and in the streets and had a look around. I liked the atmosphere in Hastings. It's sort of rustic, quiet and slow in a good way. You wanna slow down there and breath in the sea air and just enjoy a moment. I enjoyed watching fishermen. There were three of them sitting on an old timber beam and drinking tea, one of them was smoking a pipe. I just felt like joining the conversation even if I wasn't able to contribute to it, I would just like to listen. I love going to places and get the feeling about them. I got that feeling about Hastings, so I will come back there sometime, maybe to document its life and its details.

Do you think he is smiling at me? ;-)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


A couple of weeks ago I photographed a band called Out of Town. They needed a few photographs for their Irish tour promotional materials. Among other pictures we got after the photoshoot there was this one which I wasn't sure about in terms of post-production. It turned out to be the favourite, I just wasn't sure whether it looked better in colour or in black-and-white. Or maybe both? I tried to give a colour version a sort of polaroid look. So, what do you think - colour or black'n'white (or maybe other suggestions?)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I've read this post written by Simply Zesty and decided to have a bit of fun. It's very easy to create (If I can do it - you can do it)) and you can make this clip about absolutely anything! Check it out and share yours with me! )))

Monday, 12 April 2010


So, here we are, walking the streets of London again! This time I joined The London Photo Walk. If you are passionate about photography and want to meet like minded people and have a bit of fun, then check them out The London Photo Walk. Everybody in the group had a great day of shooting, exploring and chatting in Camden Town. What a brilliant place! Very vibrant and full of life. You'll see all sorts of unconventional shops there (vintage spots particularly attracted my attention), food stalls (italian, chineese, austrian, polish, indian, moroccan etc. and aaaghhh, the smell of that food!) and, of course, people. You can grab some food and enjoy it right beside the canal or in numerous cafes. Get lost in Camden markets and discover its hidden gems.
I will definitely return to Camden soon and will be back here on the blog with a more detailed report! For now - enjoy some photos from the day:

I want to be free...

The kiss

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Hi there! Holidays are over and I hope you've had a very Happy Easter time and feeling well after eating all the chocolate eggs you've got! ;-) I'm trying to get back on track with blogging and generally getting my life back into eating and sleeping normality after days off. I must admit, it was quite hard to get up earlier this morning! It was one of those - another 5 minutes...z-z-z-z-z... agh, nah... another 10 minutes and I'll definitely get up. Well, I'm up anyway and here to enjoy a new day!
About a week ago I had a quick photoshoot. We only had about 15 minutes before the rain and I was shooting a band. These guys are called Out of Town and they play acoustic music and sing. I must say they were great fun and I can't wait to go to their gig to see them performing! Out of Town needed a few photos for promotional materials for their gigs in Ireland. Here is what we've got: