Monday, 28 November 2011


As some of you know I went to Paris earlier this year for an all day pre-wedding shoot around this wonderful city. I never been to Paris before, but it has always been my dream to go. Michael and I stayed for a couple of days after the shoot to explore)) We didn't have a plan (although we probably should have had one!). We did all the 'must see' places, as it was our first time there, and the rest of the time we were just wondering the streets of Paris. Oh my, what a beautiful captivating city! I think what stuck with me most are doors and windows. So many pretty doors and windows! All I wanted to do was to open them and have a peek at the life inside. Some of them were slightly opened, as if they were inviting us in. I felt like behind those doors and windows was life totally different to mine, and people who live this life and call this place their home. I wanted to know who those people were and what they did. I loved wondering the streets and just looking around me.

Chairs in Parisian cafes are placed facing the street, which we thought was perfect for people watching :-)

We came across this amazing bar Le 138. Loved the interior - such an eclectic mix of things you wouldn't normally think of putting together, but it works perfectly! 

More of Parisian loveliness:

We had our own hotel cat)) He lives there and walks the streets of Paris)) What a lucky cat

This place had also become my favourite ever book store... If you are ever in Paris and love books - you MUST visit this place. It's magical. I could spend all day there, just looking for treasures, playing the piano, and getting lost in reading. Also, people from all over the world leave notes on a wall there, and I found this one... Shakespeare and Co:

Paris, I'm in love and I will be back! :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Natasja and Grant are the kind of people who just radiate happiness. I absolutely loved documenting their wedding day, as it was what weddings are all about - love, family, happiness, and things that matter and mean something. Natasja and Grant met while studying at London Business School. They went to South Bank for their first date (where they had their pre-wedding photoshoot), and ended up standing on a bridge, overlooking the Thames and Big Ben, and looking at each other... Then Grant said "I think I like you", and Natasja replied "I think I like you too"... The rest is history as they say :-) Couple of years later they were getting married in London, surrounded by their family and friends, who came from all over the world. 
Natasja got ready at their home, together with her best friend and her parents. It was an intimate and perfect morning))

The beautiful Tiffany rings were placed on a little cushion made by Natasja's mum using fabric from her wedding dress. So sweet:

Natasja's purse was custom made in Japan (a nod to part of Grant's family traditions) using fabric from a kimono: 

Grant picked up his bride from their home on the way to the ceremony. I think everyone cried happy tears when they first saw each other on the day, including me)) They were standing at the exact spot where they first kissed a couple of years ago... 

Do you like my tie? :)

Having this sort of First Look meant that we had time for portraits before the ceremony. We went to beautiful St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, and were shooting inside and around it. The location also had a special meaning, as Natasja used to live very close to it, and she saw the hotel covered in scaffolding and everything. It is now restored and is opened.

I like it that Natasja's parents are holding hands while waiting for the ceremony to begin:

Because so many guests came from different countries, Natasja and Grant hired an old London Bus to have a short tour for everyone to see the city. We hopped off at London Eye for the views over the Thames and a few photos:

Bride and groom held an informal reception at the Opera Tavern in Covent Garden:

Natasja and Grant - huge thank you for having me as part of your wedding! You two are such wonderful people and so perfect for each other! Wishing the best of the best! Dasha x